Business Auto Insurance


CEMIC provides Commercial Auto Liability insurance for exposures related to the operations of contractors and other tradesman who require a vehicle to operate their business.  The target market is the “two guys and a truck” who perform a specific trade requiring the use of a business related vehicle.  The program is limited to clients requesting State Minimum Limits Coverage for qualified vehicles under 16,000 lbs.  Increased limit options may be obtained should the exposure meet specific underwriting criteria.


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Used Auto Dealers Garage Property & Liability Insurance


CEMIC provides Garage Liability and Physical Damage/Dealers Open Lot insurance for small Texas independent used car dealers. The program also covers property directly affiliated with the used car business, (offices, storage buildings, etc). Specific coverages include Garage Liability, Garage Keepers Liability, Dealers Physical Damage, Specifically Described Automobile coverage, Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorists, Personal Injury Protection, False Pretense, and Commercial Property coverage.


In addition to Garage Property and Liability Insurance, CEM Insurance Company also provides Surety Bond coverage as required for dealers by the Texas Department of Transportation. Before an individual can become authorized to own and operate a non-franchised auto dealership in the State of Texas, he/she must file an application with the Texas Department of Transportation, which includes a required surety bond with a face amount not less than $25,000 as required by Texas Statute § 503.033 Security Requirement.


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